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LCWLS Provides Multiple Weight Loss Treatment Options
Dr Walter Sartor

Statistics on obesity in Louisiana are alarming.

  • 63% of Louisiana adults are obese or overweight
  • Louisiana is 4th highest among states in number of obese adults
  • 17% of Louisiana children are overweight and an equal amount are estimated to be at risk for being overweight
  • Obese adults have a 36% higher average annual medical expenditure than adults at normal weight Sources: Centers for Disease

Gastric Surgery Options Offered By Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery

The Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery offers several types of Gastric Surgery such as Gastric Banding, Gastric Bypass (Roux-en Y gastric bypass) and Gastric Sleeve, whichever gastric surgery you choose is followed with Total Lifestyle Care™. Your surgeon, Dr. Walter Sartor or Dr. Bart Liles, and nutritionists and lifestyle counselors will work with you after gastric surgery as you lose weight and learn the healthy habits that will help you maintain a new healthier you.

Gastric surgery has been shown to be very effective at producing significant and sustained weight loss. There are several different gastric surgery that are currently available that can lead to this desired result. Because of this, one of the most frequent questions we get from patients considering weight loss surgery is,“How do I decide which gastric surgery is right for me?”

Once you and your physician have decided that you’re a candidate for gastric surgery, the next consideration will be which procedure is right for you. This section gives a general description of the three gastric surgery procedures and the benefits and risks associated with each.

gastric surgery

There is a great amount of importance and responsibility associated with choosing a weight loss treatment option. Choosing which type of gastric surgery is right for you can be a difficult task. It is our goal at Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery to provide you with education regarding the different types of gastric and bariatric surgeries. This knowledge can assist a discussion between LCWLS and you in deciding the most appropriate weight loss services for you.

The most commonly performed gastric surgeries include:

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