Total Lifestyle Care

Because surgery does not offer an instant solution

Our Total Lifestyle Care™

While surgery is the answer for some individuals, surgery does not offer an instant solution. Long-term success depends on learning and applying healthy habits and behaviors, which include exercise and changes in diet. That’s why the Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery has developed comprehensive Total Lifestyle Care, which includes regular follow-up visits with your surgeon, nutritionists, lifestyle counselors and a support group.

Surgery will change your body in ways that make weight loss easier, but it’s actually only the beginning. You will be an active participant in achieving and maintaining a healthier weight and the accompanying benefits with the support and expert advice of Total Lifestyle Care.

Post Surgery Care

The immediate goal after surgery is to give your body the care and time it needs to heal properly. As your body heals, your doctor and nutritionist will give you important instructions to facilitate healing. You will not be able to eat solid foods or much food at all at first. In the first couple of months after surgery, you will take gradual steps as directed by the Total Lifestyle Care™ team toward eating solid food and incorporating the dietary guidelines that will become your new normal healthy eating style.

Some patients will begin to lose pounds within days after surgery. Others won’t see a change for a couple of months. If that’s the case for you, remember that for a while the first priority will be to allow your body to heal. How long that takes varies among patients.

Many patients report not feeling much appetite for the first four to six months after surgery. That’s not a reason for alarm. However, if you have trouble eating two or three meals per day, discuss this with your doctor or nutritionist.

Here are some of the dietary phases you can expect in the weeks following surgery. Individual progress will vary, so listen carefully to and follow the advice from your surgeon and/or dietitian.