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Weight Loss Success… The Real Story

7 Months ago, obesity was affecting every part of Jessica’s life:  her social life, her health, and even her job.  On blood pressure medication, her blood pressure was still high and she was having migraines almost daily.  Jessica admits “I was concerned I would not see my kids grow up.”

Jessica sought help from Dr. Walter Sartor and his staff at the Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery.  “I had researched weight loss surgery for a year and knew Dr. Sartor’s reputation as a surgeon.  He is a local surgeon so if I had any problems he is right here to help me.  His nurse practitioner Rena is always a phone call away and was a big factor in my choosing this program. “

Jessica had a gastric banding procedure in March of this year at P&S Surgical Hospital and has lost 105 pounds and has gone from a size 28/30 to a size 16.

Gastric banding is done laparoscopically so there is minimal down time after surgery.   The surgeon places an adjustable band around the uppermost part of the stomach, creating a small pouch for digesting food.  With the smaller pouch, most people feel full sooner and stay full longer.  Unlike gastric bypass, the banding procedure does not cause malabsorption and is reversible.  Band adjustments are done locally and are an important part of the patients after care.

“I love the way I look, but it is more important to know that I can run, jump, and climb a deer stand with my children.”  Jessica also notes that the current job she has now, teaching special needs children at a local elementary school, would not have been possible prior to surgery.

Surgery has also had an affect on her family.  Jessica knew that lifestyle changes were important not just for her but also to her whole family.  She does not cook special foods just for her, but cooks healthier for her family and then eats a small portion.  “I am not perfect, sometimes I do eat what I am not supposed to, but for the most part I wake up in the morning and say I will do what I need to, not what I want to.”

Jessica points out that surgery is not a “quick fix”.  It is about making lifestyle changes.  Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery offers a Total Lifestyle Care (TLC) program to help patients through their journey.  This includes meeting regularly with a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist who provide support, accountability and guidance.  The TLC program also offers newsletters and a support group to meet with others who have had surgery or planning to have surgery to share successes and offer help to each other.  The support group meets the third Thursday of every month at P&S Surgical Hospital at 5:30.

Pre-surgery consultations and 6 weeks of the TLC program are included in the price of surgery as well as the first 3 months of band adjustments.  Patients are encouraged to continue these programs for a fee.

Patients are encouraged to start walking within the first week after surgery and then when permitted by the surgeon, advance to aerobic activity and weights to tone muscles.  Jessica attributes most of her success to the changes she made within the first weeks after surgery.  “I started walking in the first week and followed the diet plan strictly for the first month.”  This got Jessica off to a good start.

Jessica states she does still feel hungry at times, but she keeps her ultimate goals in mind and that helps to keep her on tract.  Her goals include losing another 40 pounds and being in a marathon.

“I feel great and many people have commented that I am back to my old self.   Being obese had affected my personality in that I had gone from being an outgoing, athlete, to not wanting to go anywhere.  I have learned that meal time and food are not as important as being there for my family.

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The Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery is a partnership between Dr. Walter Sartor, P&S Surgical Hospital, and St. Francis Medical Center.