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Weight Loss Success… The Real Story

Lacy Davis has lost 113 pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in April 2013 at Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery. Prior to Lacy’s procedure at LCWLS, Lacy had gained 200 pounds during the past 14 years. She struggled with emotional eating, caused by depression. Today as she continues on her journey, she describes herself with just one word: Confident.

Eating was my private addiction. After having a child and battling post-partum depression, the eating and weight-gain snowballed. I tried to keep it hidden from everyone, but the added weight was obvious. I was embarrassed to eat in front of anyone, and I was even more embarrassed of my appearance.

After visiting a fertility specialist and hearing my weight said out loud, I realized my mortality. I was scared of dying and leaving my family behind, most importantly my son and my husband. Our priorities changed that day. Instead of deciding which options were best to get pregnant again, I was researching options for weight loss surgery. Through the depression, anxiety, shame, hopelessness, and fear, I was finally feeling hope and determination.

I chose Dr. Sartor because I had worked with him in a medical setting. I witnessed firsthand his care and concern for others in the way he treated his patients and the staff who worked with him. This made a huge impression on me and was a significant factor in my decision. I felt completely comfortable in putting my health in Dr. Sartor’s hands.

My energy and confidence has increased exponentially. I went camping and hiking with my son and his cub scout group and participated in all of their activities— something I would have never even considered prior to the surgery simply because I wasn’t physically capable of doing so. Now, I can do things most people take for granted, like crossing my legs or sitting in a restaurant booth. I can play laser tag and shop with my mom and mother-in-law. I never grow tired of feeling my husband’s arms wrap around me or pulling me close for a slow-dance.

One of the great things about the surgery is that in addition to my appetite being virtually non-existent, I just don’t get the same pleasure from eating large portions of food. Overeating causes discomfort. You become more aware of each bite and what you can and cannot eat.

Bariatric surgery is a commitment and a life-style change. It is a tool to help you achieve something wonderful. My husband has said that it has changed all of our lives for the better. Because I have to eat healthier and make better decisions in meal preparation, our whole family has become healthier and lost weight.

I think one of the moments I felt the most proud of myself was getting onto a roller coaster for the first time since I was a teenager and buckling the seat belt. I was like, “Holy cow! I did it!” As much as I enjoyed that roller coaster ride, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as simply buckling that seat belt.

Medications can only help depression and anxiety so much, and I was at a point where it wasn’t enough. Having the surgery has been a confidence booster for which no medication can compete. I am more outgoing now, and I don’t have those overwhelming feelings of anxiety over meeting new people. When the anxiety began to disappear, so did much of the depression. The dark clouds cleared, and I can see the sunshine again.

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