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Robert Loveless

Weight Loss Success… The Real Story

“My name is Robert Loveless and this is the story of my life-long battle with weight loss prior to meeting Dr Sartor and having LAP-Band® surgery.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  The only time I have not was during my four years of active duty in the Air Force.  When entering the Air Force I weighed 230 lbs and after basic training, for the first time ever, I weighed in at 170 lbs.  I kept the weight off for a while, but within the year it slowly returned.   Before I knew it I was back up to 230 lbs.  I tried every diet I knew of with little to no success at all.  I even made up my own diet; I would lose 30 lbs and put back on 30-40lbs.  In 1989, I weighed 300 lbs. and went on a total liquid diet.  I lost 80 lbs. on my own.   My blood pressure went back to normal and I felt pretty good.  However, once again, in a short period of time my weight went right back up and so did my blood pressure.  Only this time I acquired a new health problem; I began having problems with my blood sugar and was diagnosed as a Diabetic.  I continued to diet, but nothing was successful.  Same ole story, I would lose a little and gain a lot.”

“As of July 2007, my weight was at an all time high of 320 lbs.  When I saw my family physician he shared with me that I would have to do something drastic or my health would be in serious trouble.   That is when I decided to look at bariatric surgery, and started reading about the LAP-Band® procedure.  My physician spoke with me in length about the procedure and was very encouraging.   Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover bariatric procedures and I needed to come up with the money.  Knowing my health and quality of life was at risk; I sought God’s will and was able to borrow the extra money needed for the surgery.

The next step for me was deciding on who I wanted to perform my surgery.  I did not want to go out of the country, and I did not want to travel out of state.  I wanted someone I felt I could trust and that would be right here at home if any problems should arise after the surgery.  My family doctor suggested I see Dr. Walter Sartor.  I did not know Dr. Sartor at the time, but after meeting with him I knew he was the one I wanted to perform my surgery.  I was very impressed with his staff and the program as well.  I underwent LAP-Band® surgery on July 17, 2007 at 320 lbs.   As of today, I weigh 205 lbs. and feel like a different person.

The surgery has drastically changed my life and saved my health.   I no longer have to sleep with a CPAP; and my Family Practice physician has been able to take me off 2 diabetic medications with my sugar levels staying under control.   We have reduced my blood pressure medication to one pill at night.  As I continue to work toward my goal, I believe that I will eventually be off all of my medication.  This surgery has been a blessing, helping me begin to live a healthy and more productive lifestyle.”

“I have recommend Dr. Sartor and the Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery staff close friends and family members thinking about having bariatric surgery.  Dr. Sartor and his staff are caring and genuinely concerned about helping you meet your weight loss needs.”

Robert is one of many patients that have been very successful after undergoing bariatric surgery and completing our program.  Many people have life-long struggles with their weight.  Bariatric surgery is a successful option.

However, it is very important to choose a bariatric program that is medically sound and dedicated to quality patient care as well as comprehensive and reliable follow up.  The Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery offers a quality and comprehensive program dedicated to meeting each individual’s weight loss and long term wellness goals. In the event of an emergency or complication, our physician and staff are conveniently located in Monroe and are always available.

Please call 866-821-LIVE (5483) for additional information or to make an appointment for your bariatric consultation today.  It could be the best decision you have ever made!

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