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Thomas J Atkins
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Weight Loss Success… The Real Story

Thomas J. Atkins, 61, is a retired schoolteacher with two children and two grandchildren. He has lost 65 pounds since undergoing the gastric sleeve procedure at Louisiana Center for Weight Loss Surgery in July 2012.

Q. How long had you been struggling with your weight?

A. I had been overweight for about twenty-five years. I tried different diets and was unable to keep my weight off.

Q. How did the extra weight affect your life?

A. While I was obese, I was out-of-breath, tired, and unable to exercise. I did not tolerate the heat well, and I took long afternoon naps.

Q. What motivated you to have bariatric surgery?

A. I had a lack of consistency in dieting and exercise, and I needed to do something in which I would be compliant.

Q. Why did you choose LCWLS?

A. LCWLS has an excellent reputation and the best surgeon!

Q. Would you recommend the LCWLS program to family and friends?

A. Yes! Not many things are more important than good health.

Q. What health conditions did you have prior to surgery?

A. I had diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. I suffer none of those conditions now. And, I have more energy.

Q. Are there any medications that you were able to stop or reduce after bariatric surgery?

A. I stopped taking diabetes meds, blood pressure meds, and acid reflux meds.

Q. Tell us about a moment in which you were most proud of your weight loss success.

A. Close to Thanksgiving last year, my wife and I took our four-year-old granddaughter to Forsythe Park. I had so much energy and joy while playing with her. Before this, when we went to the park, I would just sit on a bench.

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